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Speaker and Host

Being a teacher at heart, Verdel Jones is masterful at presenting relevant topics, and engaging her audience.  She can cater any presentation to meet your organization's needs, host an event or serve on a panel discussion.

 Engaging Topics


College Preparation

  • Preparing for post-secondary education at any age
  • The art of researching colleges - finding the right fit
  • The financial aid process
  • Steps needed to become an effective "Parent Agent"


  • Sustaining a healthy marriage
  • Dealing with setbacks


  • How to connect with your children
  • Raising millennials


  • Black women in media
  • Collaboration
  • Resources needed


  • Promotion and strategy
  • Balancing family and career
  • Creating impactful events


  • Overcoming struggles and obstacles


MiyaMar Productions - Creating Promotional Videos to Meet Your Needs


Our personal attention to details will help you promote yourself or your business professionally and attract the attention of potential customers. MiyaMar Productions can create videos for business owners, authors, speakers and more. From storyboarding and voiceovers to editing, MiyaMar Productions will work with you to create a promotional video that will get you attention.