What is the SAT?
  • A college entrance exam
  • The SAT is a reasoning test that measures how well students analyze and solve problems
  • Demonstrates to colleges not only specific subject matter knowledge, but students ability to think critically


1600 is the highest score 800 - Evidence Based Reading and Writing and 800 - Math. 

Students have the option of score choice or the option to send all scores.  There is also an optional Essay section. 


What is a Good Score on the SAT? Students should use their scores to help measure their own college readiness. SAT scores help them find a good match with colleges, which have different levels of competitiveness and different definitions of what a “good” score is.  However, the average score for the SAT is 1070 (total)


SAT Subject Test Information

The College Board, the organization that provides the SAT Subject tests and SAT exams, does an excellent job of detailing the specifics of the exam and what to expect on the SAT Subject test. The link below contains a comprehensive description of the SAT Subject test.


Not all colleges require SAT Subject Test.  Make sure you research which schools require which exams. Select the link below to view a comprehensive list of colleges and universities that either require or recommend a SAT Subject Test.


SAT and SAT Subject Test Registration

 College Board - 1-609-771-7600

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